About us – the Keyser Soze!

For around two decades, Esther & Thomas Wolf have been running their restaurant on Tucholskystraße with fervor, passion, a knack for people and an eye for quality.

While his name giver, the underworld legend of the neo-noir “The Usual Suspects” ultimately turns out to be a fiction, the middle-establishment, which has meanwhile become an institution, is more concerned with the motto “keep it real”. However, what the attitude of the gastro-siblings has in common with that of the over-gangster are attributes such as independence, instinctive security and loyalty to regulars, employees and suppliers.

Unconcerned by the temporarily contemporary, the two offer a concept that is based as much on the time of day as on the needs of their guests, but has never deigned to pay homage to fast-paced trends. Specifically: breakfast restaurant from 8:00, then lunch, later coffee house, then date-suitable dinner location with DJ-accompanied bar atmosphere for afterwards. Solid Berlin cuisine with Southern German comfort food specialties such as schnitzel, spaetzle and strudel. In addition, a wine selection that is second to none. So swag meets style at Keyser Soze – so it goes without saying that the sibling couple did not miss the opportunity to celebrate two successful decades as if they had been ordered and to thank all those who made this time possible with a glittering party!

Das Keyser Soze-Team über die Jahre im Flickr Fotoalbum (klicken Sie das Foto an, um auf das Fotoalbum zu gelangen):